Stupar Marko

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Marko Stupar (1936)

Marko Stupar was born in Yugoslavia in 1936. He chose to settle in Paris in 1964, after he completed his studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Stupar is one of the artists of Ecole de Paris. He illustrated Paris street, plaza, park, the Parisian daily activities. The color, light, space of his work together form saturated imageries, which is a clean and harmonious visual experience. In addition to oil painting, Stupar also works with pastels, gouache and watercolor. Has participated in juried exhibitions since 1966 when he won the Silver Medal at the Center of Diffusion of the Cote-d'Azur. He participated salons regularly, including Salon d’Automne, Salon des Artistes Français, and also received silver and gold medals from Salon des Artistes Français. Stupar’s solo exhibitions have been held around the world, including New York, Geneva, Lyon, Strasbourg, Osaka, New York.


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