Petrovs Aleksandrs.

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Aleksandr Petrov (1874 - 1956)

Painter A. Petrov was born at Voronezh.

The first artistic education was to L. Dmitrijeva – Caucasus art studio at St. Petersburg (1896 – 1901) and education was continued at Italy (1901 – 1902) and Munich (1905).

To artist was a big influence from Russian landscape painter I. Levitan. All his life he was a friendship with Latvian graphic artist T. Uders.

Since 1907 A. Petrov lived at the Valmiera, Latvia.

He took part at the exhibitions since 1909 at St. Petersburg.

The first exhibition where artist took part was at 1913.

He took part also at Independent Artist Union and in these exhibitions.

1945 – The member of Artist Union in Latvia.

Artist worked as a drawing teacher in Valmiera.

His mainly theme at paintings are Valmiera’s landscapes. Paintings are in oil and also in pastel (since 1920).