Pauluks Janis

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Janis Pauluks (1906.2.IX Riga - 1984.23.VI Riga) painter.

          He was born in Lithuanian worker family, brother P. Pauluks – graphic artist, calligraphy. Janis Pauluks was married with painter Felicita Pauluka.
          He studied at Latvian Art academy (1938– 1941) expelled.  He restored at 1944, 1945 expelled.

Solo exibitions:
Moscow 1954, Jurmala 1964 (with K. Cirulis), Riga 1981, 1983.
Memory exhibitions:
Riga 1981, 1991/92 Vilnius 1988, Jurmala 1989.

          Since 1945 member of Atrist’s Union in Latvia, he was mostly expelled and restored there.
          Pauluka work experience started as a calligraphist in State order. 1932 -1935 he lived at Cesis.
          He painted only with oil and made many experiments in painting technology (landscapes, still lifes, figural compositions, portraits, landscapes with sea). The artist cud abstract the system of image at his compositions, but the genre was founded to reality.
          Is opinion than artist’s devote is 600 – 700 paintings, but at 1975 his studio was demolate, because most of his value works not known.


Diploma of Artist Union at 1981, 1986/87 he was nominated to State premia.