Levin Margarita

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Margarita Levin (1945)

artist, teacher of painting.

She was born in Russia, lived in Moscow.

Graduated from the graphic arts department of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.

In 1964-1967 She studied painting at the studio of the artist Vladimir Weisberg.

She was a member of the Moscow Union of Graphic Artists.

In 1990 she moved to Israel. She joined the Union of Artists in Tel Aviv. Lives and works in Jerusalem.

Exhibited in galleries, and participates in exhibitions in Israel, Russia, USA, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, France, England, Germany.


1990 "Artists from the USSR", Poland
1992 Rosalie Gallery, New York, USA
1993 "Artists from Russia in Israel", Toronto, Montreal, Canada
1997 Gallery "Eclectic", Paris, France
1997 Gallery "Wafterlogatan 44", Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Russian Cultural Center in Israel 2010 Williamsburg Art and Historic Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2010 Gallery "Carousel Louvre", Paris, France
2010 "Art in the Capital", Grand Palais, Paris, France
2011 "Artist's Space", Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
2011 "Art in the Capital", International Exhibition at the National Museum Grand Palais, Paris, France
2012 "America", House of Artists on the Crimean Bridge, Moscow
2013 "Discovery of the Pacific Ocean", Spanish Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia
2014 "Dialogue with the Black Square", Cultural Center "Harmony", Jerusalem, Israel
2014 “Art & About. Exhibitions of Israeli Art in the World ", Munich, Germany.
In 2011, the painting "Golden Jerusalem" took 2nd place for its picturesqueness at the International Competition in France.
As well as personal exhibitions in Moscow: in the Tsvetaeva Museum, in the House of the Russian Diaspora, in MEOTS, etc. In many galleries and cultural centers of Israel.