Krumina Marita

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Marita Krumina (1959)


Liepaja Art High School 1979-1982

The Art academy of Latvia. Department of Pedagogy 1985-1991

The Art academy of Latvia. Master's Degree

The most important exhibitions:

1994 Personal exhibition in the "ten" gallery, Liepaja
1996 International Twin Cities Art Exhibition
in Nineshamn, Sweden
1996 Personal exhibition in the Rožu laukums gallery, Liepaja
1997 Exhibition "Gates of the Sea", Ventspils
1997 Competition exhibition "Portrets" II prize "Rožu Laukums" Liepaja
1998 Exhibition "Artists of Kurzeme" Ventspils Museum
2000 Personal exhibition "The wind changes in the sea" in the gallery "Rožu Laukums", Liepaja
2001 Exhibition "Liepaja artists", Mākslinieku nams. Riga
in 2002 Personal exhibition "Earth, air, water" in the gallery "Rožu Laukums", Liepaja
in 2003 International exhibition "Baltu Māksla" "Savicka gallery" Nida, Neringa, Lithuania. Invitation from the gallery manager.
Kaspars Zariņš, L. Bikše and D. Iltnere participate.
2003. Exhibition of Latvian artists "Privatā telpa" Arsenāls, Riga
2003. Exhibition of artists from Liepāja and the region "My life by the sea". Klints Gallery. Liepaja
2006. Exhibition "Landscape", Gallery "Laipa", Valmiera
1995-2004 Liepaja County Art Exhibition Liepaja Museum
2004-2013 Art exhibitions of the Vidzeme region in the "Cēsu Exhibition House"
2012, Collection Pearls, Kesenfeld hotel gallery exhibition, Promenade, in Liepāja


2013 Cēsu heat networks SIA Dalkia. Dimensions 14 x 17 meters.


1997 Liene Stala Yesterday. Poetry
2005 Liene Stala Flying. Poetry.

2004-2012 head of the adult painting studio in Cēsi


City Council of Nineshamn, Sweden
BTA Liepaja branch
Hotel "Amrita" in Liepaja - lobby
Leased in the premises of the Liepāja City Council in 2002.
Leased Unibanka Liepāja branch 2000/2004.
In private collections in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, England.