Kreics Stanislavs

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Stanislavs Kreics

(1909.1.VII – 1992.7.I)

Stanislavs Kreics in 1938 – 47 studied in the Art Academy of Latvia (with V. Tone, A. Annuss, K. Ubans, V. Purvitis, then he moved over to another department and graduated from G. Eliass studio of Figurative Painting).

He left a wide artistic legacy (about 5000 works).

The artist worked with artists-amateurs, took part in organizing Art Days in Riga and Latvia.

In 1980 he was titled an Excellent Artist of the Soviet Union.

S. Kreics was a member of Artists’ Union (since 1950).

His first personal exhibition was organised in Liepaja (1945, 111 works).

During his life, about 20 personal exhibitions were organized.