Klebahs Henrijs

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Henri Klebah (b. 1928.24.X Riga - 1998.) – painter.

 1946 – 1949 – studied at Secondary Art school of J. Rozentals

1946 – 1949 – Latvian State University, department of art history

1950 – 1953 – Studies of painting at Art Academy of Latvia.

Artist worked as a Valmieras theater decorator under guidance of R. Piladzis.

He took part at exhibitions since 1956.

- Solo exhibitions at Riga 1968, 1978, 1980, 1991.

Bulduri 1975, Vecpiebalga (1982), Valka (1987) and at fisherman kolkhoz “9 maijs” (1988)

- Member of Artists` Union since 1961.

At the beginning of his creation he receive popularity with painting “Latvian rifle’s” (1957 together with I. Zarins), both artist’s are beginners of that theme at art. Hereafter Klebahs figurative compositions painted rarely and turned his attention to landscape’s painting. He worked at all kinds of that genre, make new motives and also extraordinary interpretation of everyday motifs. He painted not only beauty but also ugly in that way accenting human made disharmony in the environment. Artist influenced from his trips, especially from SSSR gigantic newly erected buildings. He was made improvisations not only in choice of motifs but also in painting aids using and in painting technique was one from innovations.