Kalnroze Valdis

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Valdis Kalnroze (1894.17.I Kuldiga – 1993.16.IV Riga, Latvia) - painter.

          He learned at Liepajas first school, his first art education was to A. Stunda’s Studio. Since 1927 – 1932 he studied at Art academy of Latvia, landscape painting to V. Purvitis, graduated with diploma painting “The work”. At his study time he attended Europe – Germany, Deutch, Belgium. He was a member of “Zala varna”, took part in exhibitions. Since 1944 he was a member of Artist Union, expelled at 1952, restored in 1957.
          Kalnroze take part at the exhibitions still 1928 (Vecgulbene), Riga 1933, 1934 (with Padegs), 1942, 1964, 1970, 1975, 1979.
Memorial exhibition: Ogre 1994.
          Valdis Kalnroze was rich of merits employee of art in Latvia Republic of Soviet Union, got a State premium at 1980.
          He painted also still lives, but most of paintings are landscapes with water - sea, river with reflection of city in water.
          His paintings are fine in colors, silver grey compositions in oil what supplement color spectral accents.