Kalnins Reinholds

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Reinholds Kalnins (1897-1968) - Estonian-Swedish artist.

He was married with Ritter Siri Kalnina. He studied at the art academy in Petrograd, and then in 1921 settled in Paris. When the Second World War began, he and his wife moved to Rome, and then to Riga, where in 1943 two daughters Ilva and Aida were born. During the war, family was safe in Jursholm. During his stay in France, artist regularly participated in exhibitions in the Paris hall. His personal exhibitions were held in Sweden, particular in Stockholm, Orebro, Malmö, Växjö and Gävle. Reinhold worked in oil or pastel techniques, painted portraits, nude figures and landscapes. The works of R. Kalnins are presented in the Riga National Museum