Ivanovs Ritums

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Ritums Ivanovs (b. 1968.17.Х) - painter.

Ritums Ivanovs studied in Painting department at Art Academy of Latvia (1987 – 1994).

His paintings represent feature which is characteristic to Eastern Europe at 1990-ies – at the base of painting is used photographical image, which is modified, texture is created and we can see performance of visual effects. R. Ivanovs uses most of all portraits, self-portraits and nudes in his works; the main subject of his art is human. Artist works in unique, self-made author technique, which is based on 20th century pop art and fotorealism styles in his own interpretation, and Ivanovs also uses vertical and horizontal deformation belt of image.

R. Ivanovs ranks high in overview of Latvia art life. He took part in almost all important art processes and exhibitions at the last ten years.

He took part in exhibitions since 1987.
Besides different group exhibitions, including shows abroad, he had many self-exhibitions:
1993 – “Portraits”
1995 – “Paintings”
1996 – “First”
1997 – “To See It Again”
Exhibition in Gallery Lapa
“Recent Paintings”
“Another Reflection”
1998 – “Renaissance 2000”
“Portrait of Tyreso”
1999 – “To Be And To See”
2000 – “A Girl”
2001 – “The Heroes”
“Optical Energy”
2002 – “Erotic Movie”.