Grotus Hugo Karlis

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Hugo Karl Grotus (1884.17.I Latvia – 1951.16.I Germany)

Studied at the studio of J. Madernieks and in the Central Technical Drawing school of Stiglitch in St. Petersburg.
Grotus worked as a drawing teacher at the St. Petersburg schools and was a director at Suvalov’s – Ozerku gymnasium.
At the 1920 he returned in Latvia.
He was a member of Independent Artist’s Union, also took part at directory work and took part at the exhibitions of union (1921. –1934)
1984 – The memory exhibition.
He worked as a teacher at Riga’s 25. first school.
1920. and 30. ties was known as a flower and architecture (health resort) landscapes painter.
His painting manner was realistically with decorative stylization, especially at landscapes.
Grotus was very creative artist (approximately 2 thousand works)

Information source:

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