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Elga Grinvalde (1966)

Elga Grinvalde   ” ellgrii”
Born in Valka (Latvia) 1966
1982-1986 Riga Applied Art College,Latvia department of glasswork desig.

1994-1998 Latvian academy of arts Riga., department of stained glass design.
Bachelor of arts (BA)

1997-2000 Latvian academy of arts Riga,painting department.,
prof.U.Danilevskis Master studio.Master of arts(MA).
Professinal Experience

Has been contributing to exhibitions since 1987.
Have participated in group exhibitions in Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia,
Member of Latvia Artist Union since 2001
2005 International plein air in Daugavpils “Mark Rothko”.
Personal Exhibitions

1996 Personal exhibitions in Valka
2000 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2001 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2002 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2003 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2004 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2005 Personal exhibitions in liepaja
2006 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2007 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2008 Personal exhibitions in Riga
2010 Personal exhibitions in Valka
2012 Personal exhibitions in Riga

Important Exhibitions

1999 Participated in “The International Baltic States”
“Junior Arts 1999” organized by Art Links@SOTHEBY/S Rostok Germany.
2002 Exhibitions of three artists “Portrait” i Finland,Poori gallery.
2002 Participated in “exhibitions of Latvian Artists” Vitebsk (Belarus)
2003 Abstractionism in Latvian., painting National art museum in Latvia.
2003 Curator of exhibitions “Rasols 2003” in Madona museum i Latvia.
2004 Group exhibitions in Belgium “paintings and glass works”.
2006 Group exhibitions in Latvia “MoMozaika” glass works “Mosaic”.
2010 Exhibitions of three artists Bauska museum Latvia.
2011 Group competition exhibitions “Zelta AKIS 2011″ Riga Latvia.
2012 Peat sculpture project 12 artists ” 12 sculptures Riga.
2014 Art prospect for project art of liver disease and “European Union”
2014 Sacred touch Byelorussia”s Vitebsk personal exhibition.
2016 Personal exhibition “Giubbe Rosse” Florence Italy.
2016 Group exhibition ” womens day ” Pisa Italy

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