Grinfelde Milda

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Milda Grinfelde (1881-1966)

She studied under the guidance of artist Vilhelms Purvitis for two months and from October 1906 to May 1907 in the studio of Janis Rosenthal. Marriage with the civil engineering engineer Edgars Grinfeld brought changes in the life of Milda Grinfeld. She went with her husband to the city of Osa, Perm province. She gave birth to her son Nils at her homeland, but already in winter of 1907/1908 she painted in Moscow with the landscape artist Stanislava Zhukovska and also attended painting lessons by Nikolay Kholiavin. For the next four winters, Grinfelde stayed in Paris, studying under Henri Martin, who "was recognized by the state as a pointillist", and attended the Academy of Arts as a student. She believed that "in Paris it doesn't matter who you learn from, because there are a lot of exhibitions that teach and inspire.''

From 1914, the Grinfeld's lived near Moscow. After World War II, the painter moved to Riga with her son Nils, who, after studying at the Moscow Conservatory, had become a composer and the responsible secretary of the Composers' Union of the LPSR.