Adam Jablonski (1936)

Adam Jablonski (1936)
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Adam Jablonski (1936)

Pink crystal vase, Poland, 31x19 cm

signed by the author

Adam Jablonski is an art glass artist and certified glass technologist with a diploma in glass technology who has been working with glass since 1952.

Adam Jablonski has earned a worldwide reputation for both unique glass artistry and as an eminent crystal glass production engineer with many patents to his name.

Jablonski studio was exporting glassware to 18 countries worldwide, including countries with well established glass making industries of their own, such as Scandinavia,Italy, USA, France, Canada and China

He has won 12 gold medal awards in both national and international exhibitions and the distinguished golden service cross presented to him personally by the President of Poland.

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