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Safronov Nikas

available 2 items
Flowers in honor of Leonardo - Safronov Nikas Flowers - Safronov Nikas
Saldavs Olgerts

available 26 items
The road over the fields - Saldavs OlgertsAlong the fence - Saldavs OlgertsBoats in the river - Saldavs OlgertsSauna side of the field - Saldavs Olgerts+
Sanchiz F.

available 1 item
Venice - Sanchiz F.
Sarmite Caune

available 2 items
Paris. The white city - Sarmite CauneVenice. Evening atmosphere - Sarmite Caune
Saulriets Janis

available 23 items
Haystack - Saulriets Janis Winter evening - Saulriets Janis Evening by the river - Saulriets Janis Gauja - Saulriets Janis +
Schwanck Wilhelmine

available 1 item
Blooming cactus - Schwanck Wilhelmine
Sergeeva Nina

available 3 items
White Night - Sergeeva NinaSergejeva Nina (1921) - Sergeeva NinaSummer delight - Sergeeva Nina
Severetnikov Andrey

available 1 item
Аsters - Severetnikov Andrey
Shaltina Milda

available 1 item
The Old City - Shaltina Milda
Shenberg Georg

available 1 item
Odalisque - Shenberg GeorgArtwork with a model - Shenberg Georg
Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich

available 2 items
The Small Neva - Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich Anthill - Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich
Shuvalova Valerija

available 3 items
Tree of life - Shuvalova ValerijaStill life with cherries - Shuvalova ValerijaGirl with wild flowers - Shuvalova Valerija
Silins Herberts Ernests

available 10 items
Park - Silins Herberts ErnestsCastle - Silins Herberts ErnestsThe sea with red sun - Silins Herberts ErnestsCrimean landscape - Silins Herberts Ernests+
Silins Karlis

available 1 item
The tillage - Silins Karlis
Silzemnieks Alberts

available 2 items
Landscape - Silzemnieks Alberts Farm - Silzemnieks Alberts
Sipans Bruno

available 1 item
Frozen river - Sipans Bruno
Skakun Stepan

available 2 items
Blooming apple trees - Skakun Stepan Road - Skakun Stepan
Skride Arijs

available 23 items
Trees in the spring - Skride Arijs Spring in Ergli - Skride Arijs Autumn - Skride Arijs Spring waters - Skride Arijs +
Skucs Janis

available 1 item
Landscape with haystacks - Skucs JanisRough sea - Skucs Janis
Skulme Jemma

available 4 items
Three sisters - Skulme Jemma Folk song, choir - Skulme Jemma Madonna  - Skulme Jemma Azure Cauyatid - Skulme Jemma
Skulme Jurgis

available 4 items
At Ozolkalns - Skulme Jurgis Abandoned meadow herbs - Skulme Jurgis Vitrupe. Vidzeme seaside - Skulme Jurgis Flowers - Skulme Jurgis
Skulme Oto

available 10 items
Self-portrait - Skulme OtoAt the garden - Skulme OtoRest time - Skulme OtoWoman with basket - Skulme Oto+
Skulme Uga

available 7 items
Rural courtyard - Skulme UgaDock - Skulme UgaSelf portrait - Skulme UgaAsters - Skulme Uga+
Skulte Voldemārs

available 1 item
Daugava - Skulte Voldemārs
Skutele Gulnara

available 3 items
Lilies - Skutele Gulnara Still life with lilies - Skutele Gulnara Lilies from Carnikava - Skutele Gulnara
Smirnov Igor

available 17 items
Night Dreams - Smirnov IgorTwo men - Smirnov IgorSilver mood - Smirnov IgorRest time in Rome - Smirnov Igor+
Snore Zigmunds

available 4 items
Sea - Snore ZigmundsLandscape - Snore ZigmundsMoonlight - Snore ZigmundsSeagulls over the sea waves - Snore Zigmunds
Soikan Nikolay

available 5 items
City 7 - Soikan Nikolay City 14 - Soikan Nikolay City 8 - Soikan Nikolay City 9 - Soikan Nikolay +
Soikans Juris

available 24 items
Kellersee - Soikans Juris„Esso" - Soikans JurisStill Life with fruits - Soikans JurisWoodsy path - Soikans Juris+
Spalvins Arnolds

available 1 item
After fishing - Spalvins Arnolds
Springis Jekab

available 38 items
Late autumn - Springis Jekab  Autumn - Springis Jekab  Spring breezes - Springis Jekab  Mug on a tray - Springis Jekab  +
Staprаns Raimonds

available 1 item
Desert - Staprаns RaimondsGolden Glow with Boats - Staprаns RaimondsThe Martyr - Staprаns RaimondsGrain fields - Staprаns Raimonds
Starosts Roberts

available 6 items
Flowers - Starosts Roberts Plein Air - Starosts Roberts Surprise - Starosts Roberts Flowering tree. Studio - Starosts Roberts +
Steinerte Ruta

available 2 items
Composition with self-portrait - Steinerte Ruta Daffodils - Steinerte Ruta The Summer - Steinerte Ruta
Stepanjans Aleksandrs

available 2 items
Double act - Stepanjans AleksandrsOld City. Livonian square - Stepanjans Aleksandrs
Stipnieks Laimonis

available 1 item
Seashore - Stipnieks Laimonis
Stojanow Constantin Pjotr

available 1 item
Winter ride with songs - Stojanow Constantin Pjotr
Strals Aleksandrs

available 9 items
Landscape with a cow - Strals Aleksandrs Staburags - Strals Aleksandrs To the light - Strals Aleksandrs In the park - Strals Aleksandrs +
Strause Dace

available 1 item
The winner - Strause Dace
Strazdins Jekabs

available 1 item
Pasture - Strazdins JekabsSower - Strazdins Jekabs
Strunke Niklavs

available 4 items
Illustration for a fairy tale - Strunke Niklavs In the castle - Strunke Niklavs Temple columns - Strunke Niklavs Girl a young man - Strunke Niklavs +
Strupulis Guntis

available 1 item
Still life with flowers - Strupulis Guntis
Stunda Ansis

available 6 items
Winter forest - Stunda AnsisPortrait of a Woman - Stunda AnsisLandscape with school - Stunda AnsisStreet - Stunda Ansis+
Stupar Marko

available 1 item
Montmartre view from Sacre-Coeur bazil. Paris - Stupar Marko
Subacs Maris

available 4 items
Sign - Subacs Maris A tree - Subacs Maris Untitled - Subacs Maris Untitled - Subacs Maris
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