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Padegs Karlis

available 2 items
Chicago Madonna - Padegs KarlisRed cow - Padegs KarlisWhite general - Padegs KarlisBy fight - Padegs Karlis
Pallmann Peter Götz

available 1 item
At the Seine in Paris - Pallmann Peter Götz
Pankoks Arnolds

available 14 items
Sigulda. Gauja - Pankoks Arnolds Pioneer Leader - Pankoks Arnolds 1th September - Pankoks Arnolds Ships in the port - Pankoks Arnolds +
Paulovics Teodors

available 4 items
Winter - Paulovics Teodors Windy day - Paulovics Teodors At Kaibala - Paulovics Teodors Island - Paulovics Teodors
Pauluka Felicita

available 1 item
3 printed pages and with writer J Grants autograph.  5 drawings by Felicita Pauluka for the newspape - Pauluka FelicitaDancer - Pauluka FelicitaBlack and white - Pauluka FelicitaIllustration. Relax - Pauluka Felicita+
Pauluks Janis

available 5 items
Yachts - Pauluks JanisUntitled - Pauluks JanisThe last selfportrait - Pauluks JanisHaystack - Pauluks Janis+
Pauzers Voldemārs

available 1 item
Still life with apples - Pauzers Voldemārs
Peilane Marianna

available 3 items
Sea - Peilane Marianna White flowers - Peilane Marianna Estuary the sea - Peilane Marianna
Peipina Anna

available 3 items
The message - Peipina Anna Reflections - Peipina Anna Nature - Peipina Anna
Perec Ludmila

available 3 items
Still life with rose - Perec Ludmila  In the park - Perec Ludmila  Lilac - Perec Ludmila
Perskis Kaspars

available 3 items
Cafe - Perskis Kasparsxxx - Perskis KasparsUntitled - Perskis Kaspars
Petraskevic Nikolaj

available 3 items
Port in Skulte - Petraskevic NikolajAt Kandava city - Petraskevic Nikolaj
Petrovs Aleksandrs

available 2 items
Pansy - Petrovs Aleksandrs
Petrovs Aleksandrs.

available 1 item
Portrait of a girl - Petrovs Aleksandrs. The sea 2 - Petrovs Aleksandrs. Pansy - Petrovs Aleksandrs.
Pigoznis Jazeps

available 1 item
Sea by Vitrupe - Pigoznis Jazeps Houses in Rezekne - Pigoznis Jazeps
Pinnis Rudolfs

available 2 items
Street at Mežapark - Pinnis RudolfsParis - Pinnis Rudolfs
Pippel Otto Eduard

available 1 item
Lafayette Street, Paris - Pippel Otto Eduard
Pizelis Aivis

available 1 item
October breakout - Pizelis Aivis
Pladers Oto

available 6 items
Boats at the Bridge - Pladers Oto Street - Pladers Oto Still life with fish and saucepan - Pladers Oto Autumn at the lake - Pladers Oto +
Pluksna Einars

available 2 items
Roofs - Pluksna Einars Balcony - Pluksna Einars
Poikans Ivars

available 6 items
Dog - Poikans Ivars Bathers - Poikans Ivars Whirlwind - Poikans Ivars Weather forecast - Poikans Ivars +
Policja Juta

available 2 items
Dali - Policja Juta Light game - Policja Juta
Postazha Inguna

available 3 items
Repeat in the woods - Postazha IngunaAngel blessing - Postazha IngunaA girl with a still life - Postazha Inguna
Pratella Attilio

available 1 item
Paris view from the boat station - Pratella Attilio
Preobrazhenskaya Alla

available 29 items
Lilac - Preobrazhenskaya Alla Wall of Tears. Jerusalem - Preobrazhenskaya Alla Summer - Preobrazhenskaya Alla White peonies - Preobrazhenskaya Alla +
Prokofyeva Alyona

available 14 items
Fruits - Prokofyeva Alyona Walnuts - Prokofyeva Alyona Apples with walnuts - Prokofyeva Alyona Gemstone - Prokofyeva Alyona +
Pupols Janis

available 7 items
Flowers in vase - Pupols Janis Seashore - Pupols Janis Boats on the lake - Pupols Janis A village - Pupols Janis +
Purens Indulis

available 3 items
First snow - Purens IndulisAutumn day - Purens Indulis
Purmale Liga

available 5 items
From the series "Magical Realism" - Purmale LigaComposition III - Purmale LigaComposition II - Purmale LigaComposition I - Purmale Liga+
Purvitis Vilhelms

available 1 item
Golden Autumn - Purvitis Vilhelms Panorama of Tallinn - Purvitis Vilhelms Foggy morning - Purvitis Vilhelms
Purygin Leonid

available 1 item
xxx - Purygin Leonid
Pustoskin Ivan

available 3 items
In greens - Pustoskin IvanJurmala - Pustoskin IvanSea calmness - Pustoskin Ivan