Rerikh Nikolai

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Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (Nicholas Roerich(1874.9.X – 1947.13.XII)

Nikolaj Rerih graduated A. I. Kuindzi landscape painting studio of St Petersburg Art academy (1897, diploma work “Messenger”) and Law faculty of St Petersburg University (1898).
He improved in Paris at F. Kormon studio (1900 – 01).
Artist is one of Russian symbolism beginners.

Rerih took part in exhibitions since 1897. Self-exhibitions were organized in Stockholm (1918), Helsinki (1919), Copenhagen (1919), in 29 cities of USA (1920 – 1922) and India (1930th – 1940th). Memorial exhibitions were organized in Riga (1958, 1969, 1974, 1984, 1989, 1992, 1993) etc.

Artist was director assistant in museum of imperial art promotional society (since 1898). He was director in School of imperial art promotional society (1906 – 17). Rerih investigated Russian, Baltic and Eastern cultures relations.

He was a member of association “Sojuz russkih hudozhnikov” (1903 – 10) and chairman of association “Mir iskusstvo” (1910 – 17).

In 1916 Rerih with his family went to Sortval, Finland. After leaving Russia artist lived abroad till his death. His creative works use to cut into two periods: “Russian” (till 1918) and “Indian” (1918 – 1947).

In 1920 – 23 he lived in USA, but in 1923 artist moved to India to research Eastern culture.

N. Rerih was artist and archaeologist. Artist work in easel-painting, graphic, applied and monumental (in theatre) art.

In 1929 University of Paris nominated Rerih to Nobel price.
Rerih’s culture societies work in USA, UK, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Germany and Latvia.