Titane Elina

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Elīna Titāne (1978)

Elina Titane represents the younger generation of modern ceramic art in Latvia. Emotional and sensually high-strung ceramic artworks by Elina Titane always kindle imagination of the viewer and create an idle flow of associations. She lets us have a look in her inner world of anxieties and emotions, seeking for answers in harmonic silence. Throughout her artworks, she seemingly poses a definite question to the viewer: Is it possible to compare creative work with phenomena, which are existent in nature? Creativeness to her is a source of nature, inherent in each of us, it is like rain, which awakens the inner potential of ideas, makes ideas come to life, grow, transform and materialize in art objects. The indirect, associative, fragmentary way she applies in conveying the artistic idea is a consistent and convincing instrument of her artistic expression. For her it is a certain way to avoid analytical thinking and develop a more profound insight. She releases the flow of free associations, where countless parallels and dimensions merge, and there are no definitely set borderlines between Time and Space, Beginning and End. What is going on under one sphere keeps going on also under millions of others. Everything is bound together in Infinity. Nature processes are working analogous to thinking.



2006-2008 Latvian Academy of Art, Ceramics Department, Masters
2002-2006 Latvian Academy of Art, Ceramics Department, Bachelor's Degree
1998-2002 Riga School of Art and Design, Ceramics Department
1996-1998 Ziemeļrīgas Arts and Crafts School, Ceramics Department


2014 09-11 Art residence in Lovisa Artists studio, Lovisa, Finland

2014 08 Workshop in the “Lode” brick factory, Liepa, Latvia

2014 02 14 International Ceramic Symposium. Egypt, Dahab

2013 09 3 International Ceramics Symposium, Tunisia, Tunis

2013 08 International Symposium "АРТ ЖЫЖаЛЬ", Belarus

2012 10 International symposium “Navigating 4” Ventspils, Latvija

2012 08 48th International Ceramics and Sculpture Symposium,Bolieslawiec, Poland
2011 07 International Symposium "АРТ ЖЫЖаЛЬ", Belarus
2010 10 International Ceramic Symposium "Navigating 2" Ventspils, Latvia
2009 07 International Symposium "АРТ ЖЫЖаЛЬ", Belarus
2008 10 Meissen porcelain factory visit the project "300 Jahre Meissen", Meissen, Germany
2008 08 Participation in the sculptures fire "Ferryman" shaping and firing.  Salacgriva, Latvia
2008 07 Ceramic and Textile Symposium "Fire Disasters 10th dimension " Ogre, Latvia
2006 08 10-day workshop "European ceramic context 2006", island of Bornholm, Denmark
2005 08 Symposium "Together" Zvartava Castle, Latvia
2004 04 2-week educational trip to the "Instituto d'Arte di Porta Romana", Florence, Italy
2003 08 International Student Symposium "Together" Zvartava Castle, Latvia

Latvian Artists' Union member since 2007. Year

Personal exhibition

 2015 03-06 “Flowering”, Jocker club, Riga, Latvia

 2015 01-03 “White Footprints”, Riga Porcelain Museum, Riga, Latvia

 2014 12- 2015 03 “Celebration Time”, Jocker club, Riga, Latvia

 2014 11 “In the way” s/c Oga, Preili, Latvia

 2012 03 “Steps”, Centre mc2 decorum hall, Riga, Latvia
 2011 12 “Steps”, Jelgava School of Art, Jelagva, Latvia

 2011 05 “Infinite loop”, gallery, “Antonia”, Riga, Latvia
 2009 10 “After the Rain”, gallery, “Apsida”, Riga, Latvia

 2009 03 “Variable Diversity”, Artists' Union Gallery, Riga, Latvia

Creative activities


2014 12 Group exhibition “Daudz Laimes” gallery “Istaba”, Riga, Latvia

2014 06 Ceramic group exhibition “Flowering”, gallery “Apsida”, Riga, Latvia

2014 04 Ceramic group exhibition “Smalkās Radības”, Ideju Bode, Liepāja, Latvia

2014 04 Latvian, Slovenian, Turkey, Egypt ceramic artists group exhibition, Izmir, Turkey

2014 03 14 International Ceramic Symposium Exhibition, “Al Yassira” gallery, Cairo, Egypt,

2013 11 Exhibition “Peter Martinson and Latvian contemporary ceramics” Vitebsk, Belarus

2013 04 Exhibition of Teapots, Shanghai, China

2012 10 7 International Small Form porcelain exhibition Riga Porcelain Museum

2012 03 Exhibition “Delicate creatures” Riga Porcelain Museum

2011 12 Exhibition “White Rays” Ogre, Latvia

2011 10 Exhibition “Academy Awards” Hall Academy, Riga, Latvia

2011 09 International Symposium “АРТ ЖЫЖаЛЬ” exhibition "Круг огня" in Minsk, Belarus 
2011 09 6 International Small Form porcelain exhibition Riga Porcelain Museum

2011 05 “H50" International glass and porcelain miniatures exhibition, Riga Porcelain Museum

2011 05 “Cock's crow-common denominator" art exhibition of drawings within days, Artists' Union Gallery
2010 10 5 International Small Form porcelain exhibition Riga Porcelain Museum
2010 09 Exhibition"New Talent" European Ceramic Context 2010 Bormholm, Denmark
2010 03 Exhibition "Architecture of Art" at the Museum of Decorative, Riga
2009 12 Exhibition "Light-foot" city museum Ogre, Ogre
2009 11 Exhibition "Autumn 09" Happy Art Museum, Riga
2009 08 International Symposium “АРТ ЖЫЖаЛЬ” show "Круг огня" Babruiskā, Belarus
2009 06 The exhibition "Intimate Art" Decorative arts museum, Riga
2009 04 Exhibition "Latvian 10X porcelain" gallery "Gobis" in Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 09 The exhibition "Autumn 080,808" MS Gallery, Riga
2008 09 3 International miniature Ceramics Exhibition Riga Porcelain Museum
2008 02 International mini exhibition of pottery and glass "Matchbox" Riga Porcelain useum
2007 10 The exhibition "Autumn 2007" in the main building of the Latvian Post, Riga

2007 10 Exhibition "Cicidoll" gallery "Istaba", Riga

2007 08 2-International exhibition of ceramic porcelain mini Riga Porcelain Museum

2007 06 Young Artists' Exhibition "Itching" MS Gallery, Riga
2006 06 Group exhibition "Spring", Decorative arts museum, Riga
2006 07 Group exhibition "mid-summer," gallery "Daugava", Riga
2005 08 symposium, "Together" exhibition Porcelain Museum, Riga
2004 01 Design School of Art Exhibition of the Polytechnic Institute in Turku, Finland