Krumina Ieva

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Ieva Krumina


1992-1993 Latvian Academy of Arts, Master

1984-1989 Latvian Academy of Arts, Textile Department

1979-1983 Riga Applied Art School

Professor, Latvian Academy of Arts, Textile Department


Latvian Artists' Union

Latvian Association Textileartist

American Textile Alliance



2009. First Prize VI International Biennale Miniature textiles, Lithuania

2007. Special category of Korea International Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea

2007. Recognition Award 7th International Baltic Triennial Miniature textiles Gdansk, Poland

2007. Audience Award in the International Biennial of contemporary lace Heidelberg, Germany

2005. Latvian book art contest, 2nd place

2004. Recognition Awards 6th International Baltic Triennial Miniature textiles Gdansk, Poland

2004. Latvian book art contest, 2nd place

2003. Latvian book art contest, 1st place

1998. Awards at the exhibition''Riga in Contemporary Art''

1995. Baltic Book Arts Competition, Tallinn, Estonia



His works are: Latvian Art Fund, Applied Arts and Design Museum in Riga, the Riga History and Navigation Museum, Museum of Art in Jurmala, Riga's commercial banks, private Latvian, Germany, UK, USA, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Taiwan, Austria, Belgium, etc.



2001. Residence Gastatelier-Maltator, Gmund, Austria

1996. Residence at the College of Art in Portland Oregon, USA


Major exhibitions:

2010. 8. International Miniature textiles Baltic Triennale. Gdansk, Poland

2010. Personal "My gravity" gallery "White" in Kaunas, Lithuania

2010. 4. European International Textile Exhibition "Tradition & Innovation", Riga, Latvian

2009. Miniature textiles international exhibition devoted to Astronomy for Como (Italy)

2009. Latvian Association of Textile Exhibition XIV St. Peter's Church in Riga

2009. Miniature textiles International Exhibition of the Century and the moments of the "Gallery" Gates "in Vilnius, Lithuania

2009. Solo with Roland Krutovu "Inner Sanctum" gallery "apse" in Riga

2009. Textile Art Exhibition "untapped" Museum of Foreign Art in Riga

2009. The exhibition "Intimate" Decorative Arts and Design Riga

2009. The exhibition "The common thread" Latvian / German / Afghan project

2009. Miniature textiles Mencendorf Exhibition Hall in Riga

2008. Baltic Triennial Miniature textiles Martha Gault galiery in Slippery Rock, USA

2008. "Cloth and Culture Today," International Contemporary Exhibition of Textile Seinsberijas Centre for Contemporary Art, Norwich, Manchester, England

2007. International Biennial of Korea, Cheongju, South Korea

2007. "Creative Printing. Handwriting." Decorative Art and Design Museum, Riga, Latvian

2007. Latvian Textile Exhibition Istanbul, Turkey

2007. Solo show "Silk fiber and" gallery "XX" (with Ruta Linīti) Panevezys, Lithuania

2007. Miniature textiles International Exhibition Filare il Tempo ", Como, Italy

2007. 3. European International Textile Exhibition "Tradition & Innovation", Riga, Latvian

2007. "Baltic Way", Group Exhibition of Applied Arts Gallery in Cardiff, Wales

2007. 12. International Textile Triennial in Lodz, Poland

2007. 12. Latvian Textile Art Association Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Design Museum

2007. "Reflections of Light" group exhibition Jēkabpils History Museum, Latvian

2007. 7. international Baltic Triennial Miniatūrtekstīliju. Gdansk, Poland

2007. "Silk'' and ''Porcelain'' gallery Sidegunde (solo with too Seglins)

2006-2008. International Contemporary Lace Biennial, Brussels, Heidelberg, Angers, Riga

2006. International Symposium batik exhibition in Druskininkai, Lithuania

2006. Earth''Edge''(solo show) Gallery''House "in Liepaja

2006. Group exhibition in Cultural Center Plunge, Lithuania

2006. Feeling of''Garden''(solo) Gallery "Apsida", Riga

2006. 4.Tallinas Applied Art Triennial, Estonia

2005. Tapestry-2'',''Metamorphosis Tapestry Art of the past and today in Budapest

2005. 4. International Biennial of Miniatūrtekstīliju''Open Letter ", Lithuania

2004. - 2005. 5 Americas Textile Biennial, Denver, USA

2004. 6. Miniature textiles Baltic Triennale. Gdansk, Poland

2004. 2.Eiropas Textile Exhibition''Tradition & Innovation'', Riga, Latvian

2004. Latvian textile''Spain'', Seville, Spain

2004. International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art''from the''Lausanne to Beijing, Shanghai

2003. Axes''symmetry''(solo) Gallery ''Apsida", Riga

2003. International Textile Triennial in''Right and Wrong Sides'', Kaunas, Lithuania

2002. The international symposium "Dialogue''an exhibition of Latvian Art Academy, Riga

2002. Latvian Textile Exhibition in Moscow, Russia

2001. 10th International Textile Triennial in Lodz, Poland

2001. ''Migrants''(solo show) Gallery "Apsida", Riga



2009. International china painting symposium Alberta 13th Artists' in Riga

2006. International Symposium on Batik and silk-screening Druskininkai, Lithuania

2002. International Art Symposium on "Dialogue" Zvartava, Latvian

1998. International Symposium on china painting Zvartava, Latvian

1996. International Nordic and Baltic Art University Students and teachers Symposium on Muhu Island, Estonia

1991. International Textile Symposium Dzintari, Latvian