Ivdra Antra

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Antra Ivdra (1966)

The member of Artist association in Latvia (2004), Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques (2008), Association of Creativity, Latvia (2006).

Art education: 1988 - 1995: . Master degree of Humanitarian Sciences in Painting, Diploma at the State Art Academy in Riga, Latvia,

1978 - 1985: Diploma at the J. Rozenthal Art school in Riga, Latvia.

Since 1996. the manager of Art exhibitions. 2005.-2009. - Art manager in gallery "Antonia".

Grants and Awards: Latvian Cultural foundation 2003; The Honour Prize of Suoahti (Finland), 1998. (visitor lecturer in painting).

Since 1993. participated in several painting exhibitions, including numerous individual exhibitions in Latvia and fotreign states. Participation in a cycle of exhibitions organized by the Association of Latvian Artists Society (LMS) in various exhibition halls in Riga, Tukums, Valmiera, Talsi (Latvia), Pori (Finland), Vilnius (Lithuania), Germania, Sofia (Bulgaria).

Solo exhibitions:

2011. „In Person” (painting and porcelain)Art Museum in Tukums. 

2010.  Painting exhibition at Latvian Music academy,

2006„The water design”, gallery  „Durvis” Tukums, Painted porcelain at Riga’s Porcelain Museum

2005. Painting exhibition at Art Museum in Tukums.

2003„The DANCE” at the castle of Jaunmokas (stypendy of Latvian Cultural foundation), gallery  „DURVIS”, Tukums.

2002"Paintings", gallery „ ANNA” Riga.

2000. Painting exhibition, gallery „ DURVIS” Tukums.

1998. Painting exhibition at castle of Durbe, Tukums.

1997. Painting exhibition at Plunge, Lithuania.

1993„THE GAME” at the Art museum of Tukums.

Group exhibitions:

2011. „City of illusion” – painting exhibition gallery, „Antonia”, Riga, Latvia. Painted porcelain eggs, gallery „Antonia”, Riga, Latvia.

2010 - 3. International painting simposium in Greece, Patras; Annual paper Art exhibition Cartasia, Sofia, Bulgaria, International minipainting exhibition „Lessedra” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. Art exhibition organized by Tukums Art museum in Ventspils, Kandava, "Kenca premija", Iksķile,

2009 – 1. international art fire in Baltic states, Vilnius, Lithuania. „The painting of year”, gallery A. Suna, Riga, Latvia. „Postboxes”, gallery „Istaba”, Riga, Latvia.

2008 – Autumn exxibition – „I am georgian”, Riga; „Memory boxes” at Museum Of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia,. „The painting of year”, gallery A. Suna;. Gallery „Istaba”.

2007 – „The world is white”, gallery „Laipa” . „Dzivības koks” –  benefaction exhibition at Reiterna house, Riga. Gallery „Bastejs” – „The painting on the wood”. „Autumn exhibition”, at Latvian Post office. „Memory boxes” at Pori Art gallery, Finland.  Gallery „Istaba”, „Slotas un šaufeles”.

2006 – „Autumn exhibition”, at Latvian Artist Union gallery.

2005 - „The painting on the wood”, gallery „BASTEJS” Riga.  „Atvadas Venēcijai” – autumn exhibition at layer office „Rusanovs, Rode, Bušs”.  At Durbe’s castle  „The transformation of chair”. Gallery  „Carouselle”  „The minniature on the wood”.

2004 – The art exhibition of Tukum’s district , at castle of Durbe, Tukums, the exhibition at Tukum’s city anywersary. „The exhibition of minniature”, gallery „RIGA”. „The station for two” – the artist’s group exhibition at the Railway museum, Riga. The miniature exhibition, gallery „Mākslas dārzs”. „The painting on the wood”, gallery  „BASTEJS”, Riga . The Gallery  „MĀKSLA” - „ About the chees”.

2003 - 7 art exhibition of small forms, gallery „RIGA”. Participation at the performance of I. Cesniece „For Eurofils or Eurofobs” . „The painting of year”, gallery A. Sunas. The painting exhibition of Tukums district, Durbe’s castle, Tukums.

2002 - gallery „ARS LONGA” autumn sallon, Riga. Gallery „BASTEJS” - „Painting on the wood”, „The letter on the post card”, gallery „Valencia”, st. Petersburg, Russia.

2001 – The exhibition of small forms, gallery „RIGA”. Gallery  „BASTEJS” - „Painting on the wood”. The art exhibition of Tukums district, at Durbe’s castle, Tukums.

2000- Art project „The next stopping - Kurland” - Talsu Art Museum, Latvia. The painting exhibition at Durbes castle.

1998- Art exhibition in Tukums museum.

1997 - Art exhibition in Tukums museum.

1996- The painting exhibition by artists of Tukums, at Ventspils museum. Art exhibition in Tukums museum.

1995- Art exhibition in Tukums museum, Durbes castle.

1994- Artist group exhibition  „The Ministry of peace” Christmastime exhibition at Reitern house, Riga.

1993- Artist group exhibition „The Ministry of peace” at State Art Academy. The painting exhibition from Tukums at Sweden, Tidaholm.The painting exhibition from Tukums, Germany, Sesele (together with A.. Pauliņš, A. Artums, J. Skulme).

1991 - Art exhibition in Tukums museum.