Vidberg Sigismunds

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Vidberg Sigismunds Didrih Johan (1890. 11. 05. Jelgava, Latvia – 1970. 31. 01. New - Jersey, USA) Graphic artist, designer, art teacher. Education: 1903. – 1908. – Real school at Jelgava; 1904. – 1905. – Art Studio of J. Valter Artist graduated the Technical drawing school by Stiglitz (1915 – specialization at the glass Studio of K. Brencens; he was awarded with foreign scholarship about Katrina’s II silver tee set). Vidberg was teacher at the Protasov’s real school (1915. – 1919.), in this time attended Imperial Archeological institute and was artist at the Stiglitz’s Central technical art school. 1919. – 21. He was at the Red military service and soldier at 12. Aviation destroyer squadron. Since 1920. Artist worked at State Publisher house Petrograd’s department and as a drawing teacher at the Petrograd’s war district Cultural and educational house (1920. – 21.). At his earliest works he influenced from O. Bredsley and S. Cehonin. After October revolution he took attention to the political stories and his thematic are metropolis life, erotic, country life, religical motifs, portraits, architectural and nature studies („Perfume”, „The Sea”, „Erotic”, „Revolution”, and „City”). He published his drawings at the magazines «Лукоморье», «Градущее», «Пламя», books (П. Безсалько «Алмазы Востока», 1919). 1921. He returned to Latvia. Artist was member of Riga’s artist group and one from Riga’s Graphic art society founders and leader (1928. – 34.) 1920. – 30. - He traveled Western Europe. 1944. S. Vidbergs together with family emigrated to Germany, Eslingen, where was as an art teacher. (Album „The pain road”, „The fugitives”). 1949. – Artist with family emigrated to USA, New - emigrated to USA, New – York (1955, 1958, 1960, 1965), Chicago (1961), Boston (1966). Solo exhibitions: Riga (1921, 1926, 1938), Jelgava (1938). He obtained the honor prize of Cultural Foundation about graphic works and illustrations (1923), CF awarding for the 25 year activity (1938). New - York (1955, 1958, 1960, 1965), Chicago (1961), Boston (1966). Group exhibitions: He took part at the exhibitions of Independent artist’s group (1923.) „Zaļā vārna” (1927, 1927/28., 1929), Cultural Foundation exhibitions (1935/36, 1936/37). His works exposed at Berlin (1923.), Tartu (1924.), Tallinn (1924, 1925), Paris(1925, 1931), Kaunas(1926), Stockholm (1927), LosAngeles, Prague (1930), Koenigsberg (1932), Oslo (1933), Moscow, Leningrad(1934), Warsaw, Krakow, Helsinki (1936). Awarding: Gold Medal for the painting porcelain at the World decorative art and modern industry exhibitions in Paris (1925) 1953. – Premium of the Cultural foundation for abloom „Behind the iron curtain” 1952. – 53. „Fugitives” 1963. - Recognition for the accomplishment at graphic art at the exhibition World Song fest in Cleveland. He illustrates magazines („Ho – ho”,” Iž”), postcard sets („Atpūta”, „Eross”, „Bāka”u.c.); artistically design approximately to 200 books. Artist was one from founders to porcelain workshop „Baltars”, also as an artist. Designer at the Latvian National Opera. Literature: "Maksla un arhitektura biografijas", 4. part, page 48.