Stankevich Aleksandr

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Aleksandrs Stankēvičs (1932-2015)

Aleksandrs Stankevics (1932-2015) Painter, illustrator.

Aleksandrs Stankevics is an artist who has been active creatively in various time periods, while also working as a pedagogue at the Latvian Academy of Arts. The artist's contribution to the development of Latvian book graphics, which has been repeatedly evaluated with recognition, awards, diplomas, is extensive. He also worked in monumental painting and portrait painting. At one time, his works were among the central ones in republican and all-Union exhibitions. In portrait painting, he worked in portrait, historical genre painting. Used mainly oil technique. The works use stylistics appropriate to the era, using innovative techniques.
A. Stankevics is an artist who can be counted among professionals of high caliber.

Work progress:
1950 - JRRMV, Department of Decorative Sculpture
1956 – graduated with distinction from the LVMA Painting Department, diploma thesis "With Fire and Sword" (supervised by O. Skulme)
1956 – 1962 - Worked at the corporation "Art"
1962 – LMA Interior and Equipment Department lecturer
1972 – Docent
1975 – 1999 – Head of the Graphics Department, professor

Participates in exhibitions since 1956.

Personal exhibitions:
In Riga (1982 – 1983), Dole (1986)

Group exhibitions:
Riga (1971 together with G. Cilitis, U. Mezavilkas)

Member of the Union of Artists from 1964.

Meritorious Artist of LPSR since 1974.

The artist made a great contribution to the development of Latvian book graphics, creating a book as a unified ensemble of literature and art.

He drew cartoons for the magazine "Dadzis" from 1957. He made posters and bookmarks. He designed and created interiors and equipment for the airport "Riga". He arranged Latvian art exhibitions in Riga, Moscow, In Leningrad, national economy exhibitions in Riga, Moscow, Zagreb. Painted the ceiling panel of the hall of the E. Smilga theater museum based on the motifs of J. Raini's play (1974), the monumental painting "Sunrises" for the executive committee of Salaspils (1982), "Malejina" hotel " Riga".

He received 25 diplomas (1962 – 1982) for the visual design of books at republican and all-Union book fairs, won the first prize in Tallinn for the cover of the Dadzis magazine.
MS diploma and medal for the year's best performance in creativity (1972), LPSR State Prize (1972), LPSR Council of Ministers prize 1984, prize in the competition for the Brest Fortress Memorial Proj. (1965, architect. Sustas), promotion prize in the E. Smilgas sculpture project competition (1988, together with sculptor A. Voitkanas, artist V. Sustas), 1st prize in the competition organized by KF for a memorial to K. Morberg (1993 together with V. Susta), Pope John Paul II medal (1993), A. Beinare's book "Rigas Mother of God monastery" visual design.