Pauluka Felicita

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Felicita Pauluka (1925.)


1932- 1939 – Riga’s 8. Elementary school and secondary school

1939 – Riga’s school of commerce

1940 – Latvian Academy of Art, painting department

1941 – Fascist occupation

1944 – 1949 – continuation of studies at the Latvian SSR State Academy of Arts. Graduating with diploma work „Fishermen from Vecaki” by guidance G. Eliass

1944 – Work at the anthology of Latvian poetry and prose „Song of the Great Patriotic War”. Portrait drawings of poets and writers A. Grigulis, A. Caks, V. Lukss, J. Sudrabkalns, A. Upitis

F. Pauluka traveled and worked at Georgia, Saarema, Donbas, Carpathian Mountains

1956 – Award of honorary diploma by the Presidium of the Latvian SSR Supreme Soviet for the contribution made to Latvian art and the participation in the Ten-day Latvian Literature and Art Festival in Moscow

1956 – Admitted as member of the Latvian SSR Artist’s Union

1964 – Journey Saarema Island. Drawing cycle „Fishermen fro Saarema Island”. In 1966 the cycle was awaeded a diploma by the USSR Artist’s Union

1970 – Portrait drawings of the Red Riflemen for the Museum of Latvian Red Riflemen in Riga

1979 – One-woman show at the Latvian SST Museum of Foreign Art in Riga