Kropivnitsky Lev

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Lev Kropivnitsky  / Лев Евгеньевич Кропивницкий (1922-1994) 

Russian nonconformist artists, poet, art critic. Since the end of 1950s, he worked in arts and crafts Combine. He served as a book designer and art critic (in the "Decorative Arts" magazine). But popularity recived primarily as a "nonoficial-artist". In the end of 1950s – begin of 1960s, wrote a lot of pointless things, later mostly adhered to "mythological" expressionism and surrealism (Pink Bull, 1965, Herb, 1971). Fruitfully worked in the etching technique.

Kropivinitska works are in collections: Museum "Other Art" in Moscow; the New Museum at St. Petersburg; the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.