Gustins Zigurds

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Zigurds Gustins (1919-1950)

Graphic artist, teacher. Born in family of peasants. Biruta Gustynya wife - painter and teacher. He graduated from the agricultural high school Mezhotne (1937). He studied at the Latvian Academy of Art (1937-42), member of the student corporation "Dzintarzeme". From 1942 he worked in the management of monuments, drew antiques. In 1943, he drafted into the Latvian Legion, where he was a military rapporteur. In 1945, he captured in Kurzeme fortress and sent to a camp in the Far East to the camp Sovetskaya Gavan. In 1946. he returned to Latvia. He was teacher in the Pilsrundale`s school, also in the first seven years school of Bauska. Cooperated with Bauska local history museum, he participated in ethnographic expeditions. He made scenery. Solo exhibitions (1950), memorial exhibition (1951,1961,1979, all in Bauska, at 1999 in Rundale). Draws Zemgale`s rural landscapes; figurative compositions, agricultural work. He draws portraits, caricatures, cartoons, illustrated prose poem by E. Virza "Straumeni". Used mainly pencil, rarely ink, charcoal, sanguine, sepia, also worked in the techniques of etching, linocuts and lithographs. He also painted with watercolors and pastels.


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