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Gelzis Kristaps (1962)

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Unity (diploma work) - Gelzis Kristaps (1962)
Goltjakov Albert

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Gryazeva Jekaterina

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Caprices - Gryazeva Jekaterina Daugava - Gryazeva Jekaterina  Forest River - Gryazeva Jekaterina Venice's Grand Canal - Gryazeva Jekaterina +
Gustins Zigurds

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Coat of Arms - Gustins Zigurds At the trough - Gustins Zigurds A seeder combine - Gustins Zigurds Haymaking time - Gustins Zigurds
Gutmanis Naftolijs

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in Old Riga - Gutmanis NaftolijsOld town - Gutmanis NaftolijsNeringa - Gutmanis NaftolijsWinter evening - Gutmanis Naftolijs