Zemzaris Uldis

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Uldis Zemzaris ( 1928.24.II)

Uldis Zemzaris ended Secondary school of Art at 1953 and Art Academy of Latvia, department of painting (1955.) with graduating painting „The poet Rainis at the Jurmala” (by guidance of E. Kalnins).

He took part at the exhibitions since 1952.

Solo exhibitions:

Riga (1961., 1964., 1976., 1980., 1988., 1998.), Jurmala (1976.), Tartu (1965.), Moscow (1974.,), Sydney (1982.), Ottawa (1984.), Colombia (ASV, 1990.), New York, Boston (1991.)

The group exhibitions was in Riga in 1958 with O. Mednis and R. Tilbergs.

U. Zemzaris is a member Artists` Union of Latvia since 1957 and member of Literateur Union since 1971.

Together with Leo Kokle he was a initiator of organization Young Artist’s Union of Latvia in 1957.

At his creative work dominated principle of realistically art. He painted portraits what is very expressive and typical psychological deep. He also made portraits with coal, ink and mixed media. At the background very often is sea and country landscape.

After acquaintance with abstract art at the International Youth and student festival in Moscow (1957.), he episodically made also works at abstract style.

U. Zemzaris illustrated also the books and cooperated with director P. Petersons made decorations to spectacle at the Dailes Theater.

He is graduated than lifelong scholarship holder from Cultural foundation of Latvia (1999.)

About Zemzaris is made a documental film „The man into rainbow” (director A. Freimanis, 1962.)

Information from: “Māksla un arhitektūra biogrāfijās”,A. Vanaga – Rīga, 2003 – 4. sēj.