Zakman Dina

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Dina Zakman (1974)

Dina Zakman was born in 1974 in Riga, the capital of the small Baltic state Latvia, which then was one of the republics of the USSR.

In 1984 Zakman entered Janis Rosenthal art school at the Latvian Academy of Arts, a specialized prestigious educational institution and in 1992 she received a diploma of secondary professional art education with the permit to teach drawing in elementary and secondary schools.

After graduation in 1992 she entered the Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of Industrial Design, and spent the next exciting six years mastering skills and subjects such as interior, plate tectonics, modelling in the old workshops of the Latvian Academy of Arts, at the same time continuing to be actively engaged in painting.

 Since 1995 Dina Zakman cooperated with various galleries where she regularly participated in exhibitions along with other artists. Mass media started to make special notice of works of the young painter and first publications of the artist’s paintings appeared in specialized art journals.

In 2010 Dina Zakman opened a creative studio in the centre of Riga - a gallery which presents all sorts of decorative items, furniture, art objects, drawings, paintings of contemporary Latvian artists.

From the beginning of 2012 Dean Zakman has been one of the founders of the Interior artists Fund where the artist participates in the Fund Projects and personal exhibitions in different parts of the world.