Vitols Eduards

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(1877.5.XI – 1954.7.I)

His first education was a Limbazu city school. At 1901 he graduated Stiglit’s technical drawing school with distinction, the theater decoration class and got a specialization in glass painting too. He obtained the grant for studies in foreign states and stayed at the Vircburg, Nurnberg and Rothenberg. From 1902 – 1903 artists improved at the Munichen.

            Still returning at the Petersburg Vitols was as a drawing teacher at secondary school and Maria’s and Aleksandra Theater (1903 – 1918).

At the exhibitions artist took part since 1903.

-         One man – show at Riga (1927, 1931, 1942 with M. Zaurs), Paris (1933)

-         Memorial exhibition at Riga, 1977.

Artist was a member of artist’s unity “Rukis”, took part at the art’s promotional unity at Petersburg (1910 – 1916).

            1924 – 1938 he was a member of the unity “Sadarbs” and since 1946 a member of Artist’s Unity in Latvia.

            At 1918 from appealing of Latvia’s Opera he migrated to Riga.

            1918 – 1935 he was a decorator at Latvia’s National Opera house, was a technical manager of decoration workshop too. Artist painted illusory realistic decorations; economy of finances was a reason to combine new decorations with old. He made decorations to 19 opera’s and 4 ballets performances.

            1922-1932 E.Vitols was achiever of eldest classes at Academy of Art, 1946 -1954 assistant of painting department at State Art academy of Latvia. At 1947 achiever of ceramics cathedra, 1935-1937 achieved own study.

            1937-1940 E. Vitols was a drawing and painting teacher at faculty of architecture at State University of Latvia.

            Artist painted mainly impressionistic landscapes in aquarelle, but in paintings used also tempera and oil. Since 1903 illustrated also books, 1906-1907 drawing cartoons to magazine “Svari”. He made also sketches to furniture, jewelry, to ceramics M. Kuznetsow and Jessena. At 1941-1944 he was artist at sweet’s fabric of V. Kuze. 1941 -1944 worked at Riga’s City Art museum.

            Artist gives a scholarship of Latvia’s Culture Fund (1923-1924, 1925). He was awarded with Three Star’s Medal.


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