Vimba Voldemars

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Voldemars Vimba (1904 - 1985)

Studied at Baron Stiglitz Central School of Technical Drawing in St. Petersburg.
From 1923 to 1933 studied at the Latvian Academy of Arts, where he graduated from the master workshop of figurative painting with the diploma thesis "An open-air ball".

V. Vimba also painted genre compositions, however, the main theme in his art is the historical theme.
The works sometimes have an archaic feel, lines of Latvian songs are often used in the titles, for example "Sniga sniegi, putināja".
The artist can be considered a capable figurative artist, creating mass scenes in the works dedicated to the historical theme, where the freedom struggles of ancient tribes are depicted - "Battle of the Sun", etc.

Most of the works are made in the oil technique, but the artist is also considered a good draftsman, and this part of the creative heritage also constitutes a significant value of the author's work.