Verpe Edgars

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Edgars Verpe (1958)

Edgars Vērpe was born in 1958 in Riga. In 1976 he graduated from J. Rozentāls Riga Art High School and art Academy of Latvia in 1981.

1984 participated in the exhibition "Nature, Environment, Man" in St. Peter's Church in Riga. The exhibition of many genres with the participation of mainly young artists is a declarative abandonment of the stereotypes of the past and the application of a new direction in Latvian art.

1985 and 1988 participates in the Baltic Triennial of Young Artists in Vilnius. In 1988 at the exhibition of young Latvian artists "Post-Traditionalism" in Moscow. In 1989 at the exhibition of a group of Latvian painters at the Nakhkin Gallery in New York.

In 1990, at the group exhibition "Gentle Fluctuations" in the exhibition hall in Latvia, Riga. In addition to E. Vērpe, the group also has peers I. Iltnere, S. Krastiņa, A. Zariņa, J. Mitrēvics and Ģ. Nobleman. This informal "group of six" has held group shows in the past, but the "Soft Fluctuations" are different in concept. A group of painters demonstrated the creative process to the audience, starting an exhibition with unprocessed artistic materials in the spacious exhibition space, which has finally turned into a range of finished paintings.

1991 Kunst Europa in Oldenburg, Germany.

1992 "Art Contact" Sv. In St. Petersburg, Russia.

1991 the first solo exhibition "Quiet Life" in the gallery Kolonna, Riga. In the same year, as well as in 1993. exhibited together with Sandra Krastiņš at the Madona Art Museum and the new Riga Gallery. Edgar Vērpe's works can be found in the Latvian State Museum of Art, the Art Foundation, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and many private collections in Latvia and abroad.