Valdmanis Vilis (Vilhelm)

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(1906 28 XII Cesis reg. Latvia – 1980 20 X Stockholm, Sweden)


Artist was born at country workers family.

Brother Valdemars Valdmanis – stage designer and graphic artist.

            He studied painting to L. Liberts and K. Ubans at the Riga’s National Higher School.

1938 – Graduated Art Academy of Latvia, Landscape Studio of V. Purvitis, with diploma work “Country landscape”.

            He was a member of Mukusalas Artist’s unity, took part at the exhibitions of this organization and Cultural Foundation exhibition.

            After2 World War he lived at Sweden, till 1964 he lived at Vermland, after at Jakobsberg.

            Worked as a poster, took part at exile Latvian and Sweden Artist’s exhibitions.

He organized own solo exhibition’s.

            His paintings are in realistic classical manner, mainly he painted still live and landscape’s.