Timm Georg Vilhelm

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Georg Vilhelm (also Vasilij Fjodorovich) Timm

(1820.9.VI – 1895.7.IV)

Painter and graphic artist.

Georg Vilhelm Timm was born in the family of the Riga City Mayor.

He studied in St Petersburg Academy of Art (1835 – 1839) at battle-painter A. Zauerveid and in 1839 Timm was awarded the Silver medal for historical genre paintings devoted to war of 1812 – 1814 years.

The artist traveled in Germany and Hungary, but most of all lived in St Petersburg.

In 1844 he went to Paris and improved his skills with O. Verne. Together with Verne, the artist visited Algerie (1845), made many drawings and sketches with themes of Algerian life. In 1848 he returned to St Petersburg, but in 1849 Timm lived in Caucasus.

At the time of Crimea war (1854), the artist lived in Sevastopol. In 1855, he was given a Professor’s degree at St Petersburg Academy of Art.

In 1867, Timm moved to Berlin, where he painted ceramics.

G. V. Timm fulfilled orders of high circles in Russia. Most of all artist painted works of battle-genre and landscapes. He also worked in book and press graphics. He often spent summers in Latvia and painted aquarelles.

The artist’s widow gave over his heritage to the Riga City Museum of Art at the beginning of 20th century.