Taukulis Peteris

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Peteris Taukulis (1958)

Pēteris Taukulis is from Liepaja. He was a worker in the port, worked in Liepāja Metalurg, a logger, restorer and freelancer. Since 1990, he has been a professional artist who is actively involved in Latvian art life. Since 1995 he has organized many solo exhibitions in Riga, Liepaja and other Latvian cities.

He was educated at Liepāja Secondary School of Applied Arts and Liepāja Pedagogical Academy. Works at Liepāja Art High School, is a member of the Latvian Artists' Union.

The artist works in various painting and drawing techniques, creating oil paintings, watercolors, drawings with pencil, ink and pastel techniques. More than 100 works have been created in the collage technique, as well as more than 1,400 self-portraits have been drawn and painted for 20 years. In addition to collages and self-portraits, P. Taukulis also paints flowers, nudes, portraits.

Participated in more than 30 joint exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, 17 solo exhibitions in Latvia. Winner of the exhibition "Liepāja Autumn 2005" in 2005 (for an artistically convincing combination of various technical solutions in a philosophically saturated collage). In 2011, he participated in the joint exhibition "Heart on the street" in Munich (Germany) with the artist group "OCTOPUS". 2014-2016 head of the association "Art Colleagues".