Svirskis Vitolds

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Svirskis Vitolds (1919 - 1991)

Painter, graphic designer. Born on April 27, 1919 in Daugavpils in a family of railway workers. In 1939, he graduated from Daugavpils secondary school. Worked in the railway system as a weigher. Studied drawing with A. Stunda. Visited L. Svemp's studio. He finished the courses of the physical culture institute, worked as a teacher.


In 1942, he entered the Latvian Academy of Arts. In 1944, he was conscripted into the Latvian Legion and was an infantry reporter. Captured by the Russians in Berlin, exiled to Vorkuta. Returned to Riga in 1946. In 1951, he graduated from the Latvian State Academy of Arts. Elias Figurative painting workshop with diploma work "Before the hike". In 1953, he received a diploma after passing the state exam. During his studies, he worked as a drawing teacher at Riga 32nd Secondary School. In 1965, he was admitted to the Artists' Union of Latvia.


Worked in the Decorator's Workshop of the SSRL Theater Society. He drew portraits for the periodicals "Riga Wave's" and "Literature und Art", as well as made them in the linocut, monotype technique, as well as drew portraits of regional artists (also for the catalog of the 1958 Latgale applied arts exhibition). Based on reality, he painted expressionistic landscapes in which he dramatized the expression of shapes and colors. Used the oil technique.


Artist died on Sept 26, 1991 in Riga, buried in Meza cemetery.