Sverchkow Nikolai

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1817 St. Petersburg – 1898 St. Petersburg

N. Svertckov was born at court stable worker family and from father inherited a love to horses. He served at the mounted regiment of Department of Interior and worked at Hrenovska’s and Cemenska’s horse’s farms.  

At this time he painted fames racing horse’s portraits to public subscription of owners.
1840 – Joining at St Petersburg’s Art Academy as an extern student.

1852 – The Academician title.

He worked also as a sculptor.

Since 1855 he was a professor of Art Academy of St. Petersburg.

Svertskov painted landscapes, battaglia, animalism, genre painting and historical compositions. His better achievements, especial winter landscapes demonstrated poetry and eminent talent. He painted nice hunting sights.

Svertskov was known in Russia and other foreign states. The painting painted by artist buys self in Napoleon III and Russian Imperator Aleksandra II. Since 1864 he painted only very prominent person orders.

He awarded with Legion of Honor medal.