Sudmalis Janis

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(1887.28.XI - 1984.21.V)

          Sudmalis learned at Liepaja’s craft school (1900 – 1903), J. Rosenthala art’s studio (1909) and Stiglit’s Central Technical drawing school, fabric decoration department, at st. Petersburg (1911-1915). He worked at Meiera typography (Liepaja 1904 – 1907), at decorative painting workshop to Riga (under guidance of E. Kurava, K. Pasila), as a teacher of drawing in Riga (1916 -1940). Since 1918 – 1919 at Liepaja’s education department, as a drawing teacher at Liepaja’s Art school (1919 – 1935). He was one from founders of Liepaja’s Art favoring unity (1919 – 1940), first leader of unity. Sudmalis took part at foundation in Liepaja’s Art and History museum, was a director (1923 -1958). Sudmalis was initiator to foundation of Liepaja’s Applied Art school, where he learned theory, decorative painting, woodcutting departments (1926 – 1940), Artist was a director 1940 – 1941, 1945 – 1948 at the museum. At end of 1920 Sudmalis attended France, Germany and Italy.
          He took part in exhibitions since 1920.

Memorial exhibitions: Liepaja 1977 with P. Klavins, 1982, 1987, 1992, Riga 19977, Vainode 1970, with A. Baumanis.

Group exhibitions: with A. Baumanis, P. Klavins, Liepaja 1967, 1968, 1972, and Ventspils 1970.

          He was a member Independent Artist’s unity (1920), still 1945 member of Artist Union of Latvia.
          He made research work of Latvian ethnography, composed a book “Latvian article ornament” at the 1923.
          Sudmalis painted oil paints in manner of realism and impressionism (landscapes, still life and portraits), projected furniture and interiors and wrote about art.


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