Stunda Ansis

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Ansis Stunda (1892.20.XI Jelgava, Vircava – 1979.26.VI Riga, Latvia), painter and art teacher.
          He studied at commercial school, at Jelgava 1920, at Latvia’s Art academy, in decorative master class of J. Kuga, 1935 with diploma work “The harbor”. He studied at private Studio in Moscow, st. Petersburg and Petersburg’s Art academy at 1918 – 1920 and landscape Studio of V. Purvitis 1924 – 1928.
Since 1946 he was a member of Artists Union.

Exhibitions: 1929 with Rikmanis and V.Kalnroze, Riga 1948.

          Stunda painted landscapes in real manner. He turned attention to drawing and painting technology and methodology, worked as a drawing teacher and pedagogical practice teacher at J, Rozentala Riga’s art School, 1946.

          Stunda took part in monumental paintings in Riga’s city 1925, was a decorator at Drama Theater of Jelgava, Riga’s cinematography.

Lterature:"Māksla un arhitektūra biogrāfijās", 3. sēj.,-R.:"Preses nams", 2000.g.