Starosts Roberts

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Roberts Starosts (1908.Grobina – 1958. Riga), painter.

            He studied at Liepajas Craft school of Art (1931), attended Liepaja’s painting Studio, under guidance of K. Ubans. Since 1933 studied in Latvia’s Art academy, 1942 graduated figurative painting Studio, with painting “The Pigs”.

            At his student years he took part at student corporation “Zala zeme’’, since 1945 candidate to Artists Union, expelled 1953, restored 1957.

Since 1942 lived at Grobina.

Exhibitions: 1936 Rigas Culture Foundation exhibition, LSSR 5-years Anniversary exhibition, Riga, Liepaja, portraits exhibition at Latvia’s Republic 1956 October’s Revolution’s 40 anniversary exhibition in Moscow 1957 Liepajas artist’s exhibition 1957. Riga 1963, 1978.

Memory exhibitions:

Liepaja 1960,1983,1988,1994,1998,2002.    

His genre is portrait, still life, genre composition and landscape. His painting manner was realism. Starosts studied old master’s portrait painting from 15-17 century.



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