Spakova Irina

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Irina Spakova (1987)

Irina Spakova, Riga based artist from Latvia (1987).

She holds Ba & Ma degrees in Visual Arts, took part in several exchange programs and internships around Europe and South East Asia. Since year 2009 participating in group shows, experimental collaborations with professionals from the fields of comics making, illustration and up cycled art making.

As a visual artist Irina focused on painting, which entwines  universal themes of belonging and connections.

Endless curiosity about human realities inspire her to construct simple, and at the same time subjective dialogue. With minimalistic visual art solutions Irina tends to represent simplified reality and simplified realism where the base of sacred is in the state, where subject intimates with the world.


As a contact improvisation dance practitioner I strengthen my personal belief in human abilities over today’s artificial creations and manipulations. Philosophy of Contact Improvisation dance took a special place in my personal and artistic life path. It created a solid base for my visual art practise, where I still continue to examine tendencies of communication and relationship within our-selves, partners, society and environment.. Enchanting humans, their body language and the body mind, I keep reinvestigate them as spontaneous, romantic and powerful energy flows and organisms rather than predictable algorithms. Using simple visual art media like painting I am seeking for an invisible mediators, which connect and lead humans not just in contact improvisation dance but also in everyday life.