Saldavs Olgerts

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Olģerts Saldavs (1907.29.VII – 1960.1.IV) - Painter, art scholar.

Studied in the studio of U. Skulme, later of K. Miesnieks and L. Liberts (1926). In 1936, he graduated from the V. Purvītis Landscape Painting master workshop of the Art Academy of Latvia with the diploma work "Kulšana".

Wrote reflections and criticisms on art. He wrote a monograph on V. purvītis, also an introduction to L. Svemps reproductions album (1957), as well as to K. Ubān's album (1958).

He went to Germany in 1944 and returned to Latvia in 1945.

Worked as a art restorer. He was a teacher at J. Rozenthal's Riga Art High School (1945 – 48) and Riga Applied Arts High School (1948 – 50). Worked as a designer in the combine "Māksla" (1950 - 58), as well as a contributor to the magazine "Māksla" (1958 - 60).

Has participated in exhibitions since 1935.

Member of the Union of Artists since 1957.

He painted the landscapes of Vidzeme and Koknese parishes in different seasons, often supplementing them with staffage. Worked in the oil technique, particularly fond of greenish-gray or brown-yellow colors.

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