Saldavs Olgerts

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Olgerts Saldavs (1907.29.VII – 1960.1.IV) Painter, art scientist.

Artist attended U. Skulmes, K. Miesnieks and L. Liberts art studies. He graduated Latvian Art academy under V. Purvitis Landscapes master class, with diploma work “A threshing”. Artist wrote art critics, monograph about V. Purvitis (1958), written introduction to reproduction’s album of Leo Svemps at 1957, album about painter K. Ubans, too.
1944 – At Germany, 1945 he returned to Latvia. He worked as a restaurateur, as a teacher at Art school of J. Rozentala in Riga (1945 – 1949)
1948 – 1950 – Rigas applied Art school, as a decorator at combine “Maksla ‘’ (1958 – 1960).
Since 1957 he took part in exhibitions.
Since 1957 he became a member of Artist’s Union.
He painted Vidzemes, Kokneses landscape’s, worked at oil technique, colored at green – grey and brown- yellow.

„Māksla un arhitektūra biogrāfijās”, 3 part., - R.: a/s„Preses nams”, 2000. – 256. page., J. Skulme,