Safronov Nikas

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Nikas Stepanovich Safronov / Никас Степанович Сафронов (born April 8, 1956, Ulyanovsk) is a Soviet and Russian artist.

He has been given the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Nikas Safronov was born in 1956 in Ulyanovsk in a poor family of a retired military man, his family had six children.

He graduated Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute. The first exhibition of Nikas was held in 1978.

A series of psychological portraits of contemporaries brought him great renown.

After a long professional and general cultural studies Nikas summarized their ideas and created his own direction, which named Dream Vision, technically based on classic paintings, and is actively used not only by the imagination and intuition, but the subconscious and unconscious feelings. Dream Vision paintings became popular in various countries and sectors of society thanks to an extensive cultural context

State and public awards

For his achievements in painting Nikas Safronov was awarded the titles:

Honored Artist of Russia

Academician of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts

Professor of Ulyanovsk State University

Honorary citizen of Ulyanovsk

Honorary citizen of Baku