Rozentals Janis

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Janis Rozentals (1866–1916) - Painter

Janis Rozentals graduated Art Academy of St Petersburg (1896, diploma work “From church”, under the guidance of V. Makovsky) and got the title of first degree artist.

After graduating (several years) Rozentals spent winters in St Petersburg, summers – in Latvia and abroad (in Sweden, France and Germany). He was a member of group “Rūķis”.

He lived in Saldus since 1899, but in 1901 the artist moved to Riga.

Rozentals was a teacher at the V. Blums School of Art (1905 – 06), Riga City school of Art (1906 – 10). He was the art editor of monthly magazine “Vērotājs” and the magazine “Druva”, and also published his drawings in issues of publications “Zalktis” etc.

He took part in exhibitions since 1894.

The most important solo exhibitions were: in 1901 (together with B. Borherts), 1910 in Riga and Jelgava, 1913/14 in Riga. Memorial exhibitions were organized in Finland (1920, 1986), in Riga (1935, 1966, 1991).

Rozentals made landscapes, figurative, mythological compositions, portraits, he also illustrated books and made drawings, but it is only one part of artist’s work.

He is one of the founders of the Latvian national art school.