Rosen Paul Gerhard

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Paul Gerhard fon Rosen (1856.7.X – 1927)

Studied architecture in Art academy of St. Petersburg  (1874 – 78), and started to paint at that time.
1883 he moved to Duesseldorf and studied at professor E. Diker (1883 – 86).
1891 artist had study trip to Riga, and he resettled here. P. G. fon Rosen worked as an assistant professor in Architecture faculty of Riga Polytechnic (he teached drawing). He also teached painting in E. Junga Stilinga school of art and when in 1906 this school was altered to Riga city school of art, Rosen became it’s director.

Artist kept in touch with Latvian artist, took part in their exhibitions, for example in Koknese (1904), J. Rieksts Salon of art (1910) etc.

Most of all Rosen painted landscapes. He painted with oil, but in Riga artist also used watercolors.