Poikans Ivars

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Ivars Poikans 1952. Riga

Ivars Poikāns works in painting, graphics, book illustration, cinema art.

Born on October 24, 1952, in Riga

1964-1972 - graduated from J. Rozentāls Riga Art High School

1975-1976 - studied at the Painting Department of the Art Academy of Latvia.
Participates in exhibitions since 1977.
From 1985 - member of the Union of Artists.

He made illustrations for the magazines "Avots", "School and family", "Zvaigzne", "Liesma", and the newspaper "Literatura und art".

In 1987, he won the main prize and audience sympathy award at the inter-republic competition exhibition "Comic in contemporary art". In 2001, he was awarded for a successful creative achievements in painting at the "Autumn" exhibition.

An artist with a persistent interest in social processes (which is a rare phenomenon in the Latvian art scene), who moves the banalities of life to the level of life revelations with an astral schizophrenic orientation.

The description of "domestic banter" performed by the author is almost always sufficiently expressive and also dominates the evaluations of art critics. Expressive painting remains unappreciated; even the drawings of color etchings have a painterly quality.

In painting, at the beginning he consciously tried to synthesize the painting techniques of J. Pauluks and A. Bauškenieks, until he developed his own artistic handwriting, which is dominated by neo-expressionist stylistics based on nihilistic aesthetics. In the graphics, the disharmonious in form and the uncomfortable in a person are revealed in a sarcastic attitude towards any phenomenon of reality. Works mainly in the lithography technique and etching technique with aquatint. /L.Reichmane/

The most important exhibitions: in Riga (1978, 1979, together with I. Lībieti, V. Pugačova; 1980, together with D. Lapiņa, V. Vizuli; 1982, 1988, 1991-1992, 1993), in Gothenburg (1989, together with I. Iltneri); 1983
"BALTIC REPUBLIC GRAPHICS TRIENNALE" in Tallinn, Estonia; 1984. "BALTIC REPUBLIC GRAPHICS TRIENNALE" in Vilnius, Lithuania; 1987. "BALTIC MINIGRAPHICS TRIENNALE" in Riga; 1988. "RIGA - LETTISCHE AVANTGARDE / LATVIAN AVANTGARDE" Kunsthalle Berlin, Kiel, Bremen, Germany; 1994 graphics exhibition at DEUTCHE AEROSPACE in Munich, Germany;
Personal exhibitions:

"To the sunny distance" - "House of Knowledge Society" in Riga (1982); "Pasarkans vakirins" - gallery "Jāņas sēta" in Riga (1988); Untitled Exhibition (oil paintings and prints) in Gothenburg, Sweden (1989); "Glory to work" - gallery "Jāņas sēta" in Riga (1989); "Music for Pharaoh" - gallery "Stallis" in Riga (1991); Untitled exhibition (oil paintings) "Rīgas Galerija" in Riga (1993); Untitled exhibition (graph) in Visby, Gotland (1995); "To the new shore" - "Rīgas Galerija" in Riga (1996); Untitled exhibition (oil paintings) "Rīgas Galerija" in Riga (1999); "Black days" - "XO" gallery in Riga (2000); "Celebratory welcome and escort" - "Ivonna Veiherte Gallery" in Riga (2003); "Laika zina" - "Ivonna Weiherte Gallery" in Riga (2004); "Faces" - "Ivonna Weiherte Gallery" in Riga (2006); "Natura forte", new works and retrospective, "Rīgas Galerija" in Riga (2009)

Works – in the State Art Museum in Riga, in the LMS collection, in the Norton and Nancy Dodžu Gallery in the USA, the Saeima of the Republic of Lithuania ("Deputy in Hawaii" gift of M. Gaiļis); The collection of the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet ("Still life with a dragon") and in many private collections in Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Germany, the USA, Israel, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands and elsewhere.