Perskis Kaspars

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Kaspars Perskis (1975)

was born in Riga, Latvia. This is where he studied painting and was granted a master’s degree at the Art Academy of Latvia in 2006. He has been participating in exhibitions since 1994, and his works are part of private collections in Latvia, Russia, the USA, Japan and several countries of Europe.

They are not only the mysterious character portraits that create the special feeling about the artist’s work but also the expressive thematic compositions that linger throughout the changing era. The unifying motive in the paintings is a human whose emotions and experience in the abstract environment are captured as a meditative reflection, thus creating this special surreal feeling in the timeless dimension of the existence. A neutral observer has a chance to encounter an ironic eagle wearing a medal, a cylinder hat and a coat, as well as to slip into the theater backstage of another era, or to meet a girl in the shape of a mannequin.