Muncis Janis

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Janis Muncis (1886.16.VII – 1955.7.II) - Scenographer.

Studied in Riga school of art (1910 – 15). He graduated stage performances proficiency courses of V. Meierhold in Petrograd at 1919. He graduated Figurative painting studio (under the guidance of J. Tillbergs) of Latvia Art academy in 1926. Artist also graduated West College in California in 1932 and got a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

J. Muncis worked as an assistant of J. Kuga in New Riga theatre (1910 – 11), as a stage designer in National opera (1913 – 14) and in Riga Latvian theatre (1914 – 15).
He worked in different theaters of Moscow and Petrograd at the time of First World War.
Artist took part in establishing of Daile theatre (1920), where he worked as a stage designer till 1926.

J. Muncis emigrated to USA in 1926.
He worked in Pasadina theater of Los Angeles suburb (1926 – 32) and was a pedagogue of its school.

Artist returned to Latvia in 1932 and worked in National theatre and Daile theatre.
He emigrated to Germany in 1944 and directed Public University in Augsburg.
J. Muncis moved to USA in 1949.

He was a member of Independent artists unit. Artist took part in exhibitions of Culture Foundation and in many international exhibitions (he got Grand Prix in Paris in 1925, gold medal in Paris in 1937).