Kulainis Nikolay

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Nikolay Kulainis (1901.17.III - 1975.15.III)

At 1 World war time he was a fugitive, in Moscow. Since 1919 artist lived in Riga.
            1924- 1931 learned at Latvian Art academy.
At exhibitions he took part since 1929.
            After 2 World war time he took part at republican exhibitions rarely, but exhibited own works in small self exhibitions at Riga and province.
            He was one from founders to union “Radigars”, still 1936 took part to Latvian depicting artist’s union, still 1939 at Artist’s unity “Rosme”.
            Since 1949 Kulainis was a member of Artist’s Union.
            He painted mainly urban landscapes, Riga’s sights at night, where he founded a special painting manner.


Used Literure:

"Māksla un arhitektūra biogrāfijās” Atb. red. A. Vilsons – Rīga, 1996 – Vol. 2.