Kuga Janis

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Janis Kuga (1878.12.XII Riga, Ikskiles “Purini” – 1969.24.XI Toronto, Canada) - was a founder at Latvian stage design.

Artist learned at Germany craft school under B. Borherts (1897 – 1898). At 1905 he graduated Stiglit’s Central Art School of technical drawing at Petersburg. He took a scholarship of this school, attended France, Spain, England, Italy (1906 – 1908). At time when he studied he took part at Latvia’s Artist union “Rukis”.
Since 1909 he worked at New Theater of Riga as a decorator to many plays (Aspazija’s “Vaidelote”, Rainis “The fire and night”, “Indulis and Arija”). At 1912 – 1914 he attended foreign states.
At time of 1 World war he was a decorator in Petersburgs Latvian Theater. 1920 – 1930 – at Opera house of Latvia, National Theater.
Artist painted also in province theaters, in Jelgava, Talsi, Rauna. 1921 – 1944 – worked at Latvian Art academy, achieved a master class of Decorative painting, as a rector 1934 – 1940, 1941 – 1944, professor 1928.
Since 1910
- took part at artist’s unity “Sadarbs” 1928, was as a member of Culture found soviet ( 1934 – 1940)
He painted altar work at Ikskiles church, ceiling painting at Riga’s castle, also painted landscapes, portraits, still life’s.
Graduating: 1924, 1925 – “Grand Prix” at Paris.
1954 – ALA KF honor prize, for sketches of stage design.
1960 – Exile Honor Prize.
Since 1944 emigration to Germany, Eslingene, achieving Latvian art school, still 1950 in USA, Canada.