Krychevsky Mykola

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Mykola Vasyl Krychevsky (1898-1961)

Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, theater artist. The eldest son of Krichevsky Vasily Grigorievich (1872-1952).

Born in the city of Kharkov on November 24, 1898.

He graduated from the Kiev 4th gymnasium. In 1921, he was an artist-decorator of the Russian Theater in Uzhgorod, the director of theater until 1923 was Sadovsky, Nikolai Karpovich.

In 1928 he graduated from the art industrial and decorative school in Prague.

In 1929 he moved to Paris.

Participated in exhibitions in Lvov, Paris, Warsaw, Prague, Brussels, Rome.

Created illustrations for "Taras Bulba" by N. Gogol.